10 Undercut Hairstyles for Men to carry out the perfect look

Whether it comes to men, the undercut hairstyle is the things that are going to rock the present generation. But, while it comes to hairstyle and all, we always think of women. What about male undercut hairstyles? Have you seen male celebrities, experimenting with their hair and beard? If you think you can carry those styles confidently, go for it. Guys will look really good and grab the attention of ladies of all age.

  • Textured Pomp + Mid Fade

Pomp undercut hairstyle is very popular among cool guys. But, to rock the year-ending party on 31st December, you should check out this new hairstyle. For a clean, yet experimental look, this one will be the best.

Textured Pomp + Mid Fade

Textured Pomp + Mid Fade man



  • Wavy Slick Back

Do you want a sturdy look? Then this hairstyle will make you the talk of the town. If you carry a gray personality, showcase it with this hairstyle.

Wavy Slick Back man

Wavy Slick Back


  • Messy Spikes

For all high school boys and those who want to flaunt their naughty side, this is the best hairstyle you can pick. Want to impress your girl on the first date night? Make this hairstyle and make the girl go crazy!

Messy Spikes man

Messy Spikes




  • Beach Wave

If guys want a combination of relaxed look with a classic touch, this is your hairstyle! After all, you want the playfulness of having weekends on a beach with friends.

Beach Wave man

Beach Wave

  • Thick Spikes + Undercut

Now that is something rowdy! If you have thick hair and want to create a voluminous yet stylish look, you can go for this. It will enhance your cute but strong personality.

Thick Spikes + Undercut man

Thick Spikes + Undercut

  • Undercut Bohemian Hero

The name tells it all. The side tucked style with wavy fringe can actually give men a hot look that women go crazy for. If you are a carefree guy and live life on your own terms, this is the hairstyle that will explain you to all.

Undercut Bohemian Hero man

Undercut Bohemian Hero


  • Messy Casual

If you are not a very stylish man and want to have a carefree look, this is the hairstyle you are waiting for. If you can correctly do the style, you can set your own style statement.

Messy Casual man

Messy Casual

  • Undercut Ivy League

If you are a man of short hair and want to keep it short always, then this is one of the best hairstyles you can pick. The front portion is kept long, and it is styled like a wave or parted.

Undercut Ivy League man

Undercut Ivy League

  • Modern Rebel + Greaser

If you want to stay in fashion and always find new ways to look fabulous, you can go for this undercut hairstyle. This hairstyle brings out the rebel side of your nature.

Modern Rebel + Greaser man

Modern Rebel + Greaser

  • Caesar Cut

While talking about hairstyles for males, this haircut looks awesome with a corporate look. Here, the crown area is layered while the sides and back are tapered.

Caesar Cut man

Caesar Cut

These are some of the cool and most fashionable hair cuts for men which you can try and look handsome. Besides, having an attractive undercut hairstyle, guys should also take good care of their hair.

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