22 most fashionable celebrity hairstyles for men

Having a bit of an idea about what your favorite celebrity is up to when it comes to the hairstyle, can give you a fair bit of idea about the popular trends and the latest hairstyles. While it is not a good idea to blindly go by what any celebrity does, a bit of inspiration does not harm at all.

Celebrity hairstyles – Zac Efron:

The High School Musical actress has been a teenage heartthrob, and it would be an understatement to say that every guy out there wanted to look like him with his perfectly styles hair. The most famous type of hairstyle sported by Zac Efron was the messy tousled hairstyle that was mainly part of the High School Musical movie.

zac efron messy tousled hair

zac efron tousled hair

Celebrity hairstyles – Brad Pitt:

The Undercut and slicked back hairstyle was not something very familiar till Brad Pitt started doing it. Male individuals either did just the undercut or just slicked back the hair. Amalgamating the two was something that Brad Pitt started, and well, guys picked up the style statement. The haircut gives a very edgy and crisp look.

brad pitt undercut hairstyle

brad pitt undercut

Celebrity hairstyles – Harry Styles :

Harry Styles has been very bold and creative when it came to his fashion and style quotient, be it clothes or even growing his hair out. The initial days of when this pop star started to grow his hair long were the time when the world witnessed the “half-bun” which later became a very popular hairstyle among males.

harry styles half bun

harry styles

Celebrity hairstyles – Christiano Ronaldo:

Christiano Ronaldo’s hairstyle is one of a kind and is a combination of Undercut and Combover. The male fan following have definitely picked up on the style. The hairstyle is easy to maintain yet classy hairstyle and can be done in short and middle length hair.

cristiano ronaldo hairstyle

cristiano ronaldo

Celebrity hairstyles – Justin Timberlake:

If a male individual is a fan of fade and side part, then Justin Timberlake’s hairstyle is the perfect example for them. This hair cut is a very simple and easy to maintain hairstyle yet looks very posh and clean cut. It gives a corporate look to the males when paired with the perfect pair of suit and pants.

justin timberlake hairstyle

 justin timberlake haircut

Celebrity hairstyles – Louis Tomlinson:

Fans and even male individuals swooned over the One Direction member when he sported the hairstyle of what we call it as the “Cinnamon swirl.” A perfect highlight on the top paired with a casual t-shirt and a suit with rolled ankles was a show stealer. The hairstyle was definitely something that is worth talking about.

louis tomlinson cinnamon swirl hairstyle

louis tomlinson cinnamon swirl haircut

Leonardo DiCaprio:

Leonardo DiCaprio’s hairstyle is nothing too fussy but just a simple side swept and slicked combed hairstyle. And the simplicity of the hairstyle makes him stand out in the crowd even more.

leonardo dicaprio hairstyle

leonardo dicaprio haircut

Zayn Malik:

The undercut with a fade and a bit of spike in the crown area was something that made the fans drool over Zayn.

zayn malik hairstyle

zayn malik haircut

Ryan Reynolds:

The Ivy League haircut was definitely a beautiful look on the Deadpool actor.

ryan reynolds ivy league haircut

ryan reynolds ivy league hairstyle

Channing Tatum:

Channing Tatum’s hairstyle is a combination of fade with tapered sides and brushes up in the crown and front area of the head.

channing tatum hairstyle

channing tatum haircut

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