Different classy and popular taper fade haircut styles for men

The taper fade has always been the famous and preferable haircut of many men for huge numbers of years. In order to get the standard and attractive look to make the creative twist, there are different versions of taper fade haircut styles are available now.

taper fade has always been the famous

Some popular taper fade men’s haircuts:

  • Black hair in the fade – This particular type of hairstyle gives you the curly hair which naturally stays to show off in the lower taper fade. It will give you classy and professional look without need to sacrifice your fun.

black hair in a fade

  • Partial Caesar taper fade – This hairstyle usually combines the two various types of hairstyles in order to give the unique but stylish look.

Partial Caesar taper fade

It has both the half taper fade cut along with the chic half Caesar hairstyle.

Caesar hairstyle

  • Layered taper fade. This men haircut is really an easiest way to add perfect dimension and depth to your longer hair on the top portion and also simply add in the layers throughout.

Layered taper fade

These layers will provide the fuller taper shade look with the striking wavy curly hair pattern.

long top taper fade

  • Choppy taper style. When the men have fairly thick hair, you can go for this choppy hairstyle with the amazing look.

lower taper fade

You will get the fade with the chopped top portion to get stylish look with the soften hair texture.

chopped cut taper fade

  • Flipped hair cut – This taper fade haircut will give you better tapered cut with the bit of pizzazz.

taper fade haircut styles

Hair length

The length of the hair in this style is quite short but you can also customize your hairstyle longer if you need.

taper fade with upswept quiff

  • Taper fade & handle bar moustache – When the men love to have the retro look then you can go for this haircut to get the Elvis look along with the handlebar moustache of the nick Wooster.

taper fade beard and handlebar moustache

  • Taper fade for your natural hair – The black men would always like to involve themselves in getting the funkier and sporting bolder look. This type of auburn hair color along with the unique haircut will be looking nice with the curly and funky twists.

side part taper fade with afro

  • High top style – If the males would like to get the popular 90’s hip hop haircut with the taper fade, you can go for this classic high top fading haircut to get unique and stylish look at all.

geometric cut for men

  • Asymmetrical style – The side portion of this particular haircut is really very cute and looking great with the structural function. It will surely add more interest to your overall look from top to bottom.

side part taper fade

  • High top fading with the stretched hairline. It is actually the very lower hair style with the full of attitude and contrasts. The high top of this hairstyle will give you more thick hair with the more personalized look. The high top fading of this haircut will surely add nice feature to your overall look.

fade and shaved part haircut


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