Popular types of men’s drop fade haircut styles of 2017

When it comes to the 2017 trending hairstyle for men, the drop fade hairstyle is really the famous variation of the typical fade haircut. Most of the younger boys and guys would like to get the arc shaped drop fading to add more features to their natural look.

amazing drop fade haircut

The barber will drop the fading lower in the back portion closer to the neckline to give an amazing drop fade haircut for you.

drop fade haircut for males

Popular drop or lower fade haircuts:

  • Beard drop fade slicked back – In this drop fading hairstyle of men, there are only lower fading style along with the lengthy hair at the top portion.

arc shaped drop fading

While having this hairstyle, you should also consider having the long and soft hair moustache and beard.

Beard Drop Fade

  • Hard part with the drop fade – At the top of your hairstyle, there are normal and fluffy hair with the longer size. The fading will come only at the bottom of your back neck and slight at the sides.

Hard Part Drop Fade

  • Modern pomp style– Most of the men who love modernism will surely like this lower and side fading with the long hair at the top portion. While having this particular fading haircut, most of the users will also consider coloring their hair in purple, violet, half black or any other colors in order to get stylish and impressive look at all.

Modern Pomp and Drop Fade

  • Side swept undercut style – This lower fading hairstyle is really the famous and preferable choice for the males with the curly hair.

drop fade haircut for men

Black men hair:

Most of the black men would often like to wear this haircut to fade in the sides and back portion of the head.


Drop Fade Disconnected

  • Bush up & drop fade – If the men would want to get the classy and professional look with the fading, you can choose this bush up drop fade haircut in order to get your desired look.

Will Smith Taper Fade haircut

It will slightly fade the bottom of the sides and back of your head and give the longer hair at the top.

Brush up Drop Fade

  • Side swept hairstyle– This particular type of drop fading haircut is basically preferred by the men who love to get the youthful look.

drop fade haircut

It will fade the sides and bottom of the back head and give only smaller size hair at the top portion.

Side Swept Drop Fade

  • Wild brush up haircut – When the men want to get the fury look with the different fading haircut, you can choose this wild brush up low fading hairstyle.

drop fade hairstyle

It will give wild style at the top with the longer hair and fading at the bottom of the sides and back head.

Wild Brush up Skin Fade

  • Neat swept drop fade haircut. With the normal hairstyle, this will give you the drop fading at the sides and longer wavy hair at the front portion. In the full back head, there will be a lower fading with the small portion of hair. It will surely give you impressive and stylish look at all.

Neat Swept Drop Fade


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