Top 30 Awesome Justin Bieber Haircut to Try This New Year

No matter you are a fan of Justin Bieber’s songs or not, but you will definitely be blown out with the Justin Bieber haircut that the young celebrity tries every time. Men, especially teenage guys, love to experiment and if you get such an idol in front of you who never fails to try new hairstyles, you don’t need to worry a bit about your appearance. Check out these super cool haircuts of Justin Bieber and try that suits you.  Follow these styles and look like a rock star.

  • Spiked Hairstyle

If the spike is your thing, you can follow Justin Bieber’s spiked hairstyle any time. The hairstyle will give you a cool and casual look.

justin bieber spiky haircut

justin bieber spiky haircut

  • Side Swoop

The rock star Justin Bieber became the heartthrob of all girls in 2013, not only for his charm and voice but also for the stylish hairstyle. If you want to rule over girls’ hearts, follow this.

justin bieber side swoop

justin bieber side swoop

  • Bowl Cut

Considered as one of the best Justin Bieber hairstyles! If you want to carry on the cutest look and spread your charm over all, try this one.

justin bieber bowl haircut

justin bieber bowl haircut

  • Slicked Back Hair

Do you have a prom night? If the theme is formal, you can go for this hairstyle the way Justin Bieber did. Not even teenagers, but grown-up guys can also wear carry the look while you have corporate meetings or parties coming.

justin bieber slicked back hair

justin bieber slicked back hair

justin bieber slicked back hair

  • Buzz Cut

Do you like military crew cut? Then the short hair style will actually allure you. And if you are an aged man, this cut will give you a stern look. Look at the way Justin Bieber carried it.

justin bieber buzz haircut

justin bieber buzz haircut

justin bieber buzz haircut

  • Mussed

If you are a guy who likes to go casual and doesn’t prefer to overdo anything, Mussed is one of the Justin Bieber hairstyles you need. From hanging out with friends at a weekend pool party, you can rock every ground with this medium hairstyle.

justin bieber mussed hairstyle

justin bieber mussed hairstyle

  • Short and Wavy Haircut

This hairstyle for males is very stylish and always in fashion. With formal or semi-formal attire, the short and wavy Justin Bieber hairstyle goes very well. Are you planning to meet your girlfriend’s parents? Then the neat and clean look can help you to achieve ‘success.’

justin bieber short and wavy hair

Mussed hair

  • Blonde Hair

If you are a man who never gets afraid of experimenting, you can try the blonde hairstyle. You need to bleach your hair to get Justin Bieber blonde look. Can cut short or keep it long; will look great if you can carry the look.

justin bieber blonde hair

justin bieber blonde hair

  • Undercut

This is one of the most famous hairstyles of guys of the modern generation. Celebrities prefer undercut style, and you must have seen Justin Bieber in this cut and have realized that he really is looking hot and happening.

justin bieber undercut

justin bieber undercut

  • Pompadour

Do you believe that guys can actually look elegant? Yes, the pompadour is the hairstyle which can give you the somber and sophisticated look just it made it Justin Bieber to look. Another benefit of the hairstyle is that you can mix and match this style with any kind of dress up.

justin bieber pompadour

justin bieber pompadour

justin bieber pompadour

These are some awesome male hairstyle, inspired from Justin Bieber. If you like any of this, go for it and welcome the New Year with a new look.

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Beautify Your Hairstyle with Justin Bieber Haircut

In the recent times there are many hairstyles becoming famous because of their use by famous people and Justin Bieber haircut is a very important hairstyle among them. Your appearance is the first thing what others see in you.

famous people and Justin Bieber

Though the appearance of a person and his talents are having only a slight connection, the way one carries himself shows others how confident he is.

about hairstyles

When you talk about appearance your hairstyle plays an important role. Different people have different kind of opinions about hairstyles.

unconventional haircuts

Some people like formal and traditional hairstyles and some others like cheeky and unconventional haircuts. It is true that the mere haircut of a person can tell stories about his personality.

haircuts of celebrities

Having the haircuts of celebrities, like having Justin Bieber haircut, is a commonly seen tradition.

most famous hairstyles

Actors, sportsmen and musicians are all setting trends in introducing new hairstyles which are all followed by their fans all over the world. Justin Bieber haircut is one of such most famous hairstyles in the world.

Justin Bieber - Arrivals

Justin Bieber haircuts have been a sensation in the recent times. His music has been applauded and also his various hairstyles have also been appreciated as the Justin Bieber haircuts by many fashion stylists. Justin Bieber hairstyles are known for many unconventional and unorthodox styles.

Justin Bieber haircuts by many fashion stylists

He has a great fan base for both his music and even more fans are there for Justin Bieber haircuts. It is sure that his fans are inspired by his hairstyles and having the same styles for them too.



This man has tried out many different hairstyles that range from cornrows to man bun to dreadlocks and so many other hairstyles.

different hairstyles

All his styles have been celebrated by his fans. It may be also a truth that the fans appreciate a haircut just because it is Justin Bieber hairstyles. If you want to have a Justin Bieber style, you can take any of his photos as model and you can take it to a salon to have that particular hairstyle.

Justin Bieber style

Justin Bieber’s haircut at present is a shaved head. It is going to grow to be a buzz cut. Justin Bieber haircuts have always attracted so many people all over the world regardless of the fact that whether are all his fans are not.

Justin Bieber haircuts buzz cut

The reason why celebrity’s haircuts have gained so much following and applause is the fact that any kind of hairstyle fits him perfectly. And, he takes immense care to select his hairstyles.

celebrity’s hairstyles

Reason is apart from being as a singer and composer and he stars in his album songs as well. So, his appearance has to be given importance.

celebrity’s haircuts

The best way to change your appearance is to change your haircut and change your facial hairstyle.

change your facial hairstyle

Having a hairstyle of a celebrity shows the outer world how much you love them. If you have a Justin Bieber hairstyles, it is an indirect way of saying others that you are a fan of him.

Justin Bieber hairstyles

It may be childlike but only such childlike activities make you enjoy the life. These things make life beautiful. So, become trendy with brand new Justin Bieber hairstyles.

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