Top 10 Low Fade Hairstyles for Men to rock this Christmas

This haircut generally originated for men with short hair, but now it can be combined with a high fade long hair on top. This Low Fade hairstyle is a hot and sexy style for men. We’ve covered some of the best of the whole lot, go ahead and check them out.So if you’re in search of celebrities like haircut go ahead and try these on.

  • Low Fade

This hairstyle is very casual. The low fade mixes into a slightly more length on the upper sides along with the the medium length of the hair is kept back easy and natural.

low fade haircut

low fade haircut

  • High Fade

A clean high shave blends with medium length natural hair. Be it curly or straight. Style it as you want.

high fade haircut

High Fade


  • Box Fade Haircut

It is kind of around box-shaped cut on the top with sides shaved clean. Teenagers to adults, anyone, and everyone, can sport this look. Look trendy and cool with this haircut.

box fade haircut

Box Fade Haircut


box shaped fade haircut

  • Low Drop Fade

This fade haircut style gives you a cool and sharp contrast in your whole outlook. Pair it either with formals or casuals. Rock it both ways.

Low Drop Fade


low drop fade

Skin Taper Blowout Hawk

This can be named as one of the coolest haircuts that came up this year. Long hair sculpted into a blowout hawk gives you a boy band rocker look from the 70’s or 80’s. Want to try something back from then? Go ahead and give this a try.

skin taper blowout hawk

Skin Taper Blowout Hawk


  • Pompadour and Low Fade

This loose pompadour haircut with a high skin fade gives you a wild, crazy look. Teenagers, adults everyone can try this out to get some craziness into the system. Also grown up men can rock it with Formals.

high skin fade pompadour haircut for men


  • Burst Low Fade

This burst fade hairstyle focuses around the ears and creates a Mohawk kind of a look giving you a two in one look. Can be tried for both curly and straight hair.

burst fade

Burst Fade


  • Hard part and Low Fade

This haircut is amazing. You get a mid-fade with a hard part, as a modern comb-over pompadour. Especially for grown-ups to impress your ladies, try this on and turn heads if you already aren’t with someone.

high fade hard part pompadour haircut

Hard part and Fade

  • Temple low fade

This is also known as temple low fade, Brooklyn fade, and low fade hairstyle. In this haircut, the hair on the side is faded up to the temples. Hair between the nape of the neck to the temple is slightly cropped. It makes your facial features stand out. Also if you would like to add a hipster touch you can always add in a beard and a trimmed mustache.

blowout fade

temple fade

  • Low Fade And Long Textures

The fade is just so high; it is leaning on the Mohawk territory! A quick and easy style for men irrespective of their age. Just work with a styling spray or gel through hair, and you’re good to go.

high fade

high fade

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