Top 10 Lionel Messi Hairstyles You Can Try to Get a Trendy Makeover

With the on-field skills that make him one of the best and most famous soccer players in the world, Lionel Messi’s haircut seem to make a style quotient among fans. Messi’s hairstyles are quite stylish and trendy among the men regardless of their age. While copying Messi’s hair can’t make you a soccer champion, here’s a look at his top haircuts and styles. Have a look! One more thing that adds up to his growth in all these years would be his Hairstyles. Here are some of the best ones to try.

  • The Fluffy Mullet

In the 2nd season of the Barcelona senior side, Messi turned up with a haircut that wouldn’t have looked out of place on Simon Le Bon in 1982. You can still go on with this cute and fluffy look and look charming enough.

lionel messi The Fluffy Mullet haircut

lionel messi The Fluffy Mullet

  • Ashton Kutcher

Messi’s this style him look like a very short Ashton Kutcher. So, if you too want to look like The Ashton Kutcher goes ahead and tries this out.

lionel messi The Hairband haircut

lione messi Ashton Kutcher


  • The Hairband

What is common between David Beckham, David Ginola, Alan Smith and Leo Messi? They all have tried the hairband hairstyle. At the start of the 2007/08 season, Messi kept his hair off his face with a hairband. Try this out while you practice or go for a workout.

lionel messi The Hairband

lione messi The Hairband


  • ‘70s Rockstar

Messi projected Argentina to Olympic gold in 2008 and stood proudly with his luscious, long locks like a rock star holding a bunch of flowers. Pros of this cut, as long as you want it.

lionel messi ‘70s Rockstar haircut

lionel messi ‘70s Rockstar

  • Tidy Crop

Messi was trying out Zoolander poses at the 2009 World Player of the Year Gala with his tidy new haircut. Looked like one of the costly haircuts. Pair this with formals and get everyone’s attention.

lionel messi Tidy Crop haircut

lionel messi Tidy Crop

  • 90s Boy-Band Curtains

In the 2011 Champions League final, Messi appeared with this famous boyband look also paying tribute to the Backstreet Boys! This look is so cute that you’ll win the hearts of the girls easily enough!

lionel messi 90s Boy-Band Curtains hairstyle

lionel messi 90s Boy-Band Curtains haircut

lionel messi 90s Boy-Band Curtains

  • Textured Quiff

The Introduction of Hair products to Lionel Messi can be considered as one of the best things that have happened. At the 2013 World Player of the Year Gala, Messi was spotted wearing a tuxedo with amazingly styled hair. Wear this style and be a threat to other guys!

lionel messi Textured Quiff hairstyle

lionel messi Textured Quiff haircut

lionel messi Textured Quiff

  • Spikes

Being a footballer gives him the right to have weird and quirky haircuts that normal people would never try. But now, if you want to get these spikes and look hot as he does.

lionel messi Spikes

lionel messi Spikes


  • Kim Jong-Il

This is some weird yet cool haircut. It’s like he wanted to shave his head, but changed his mind halfway through. Try this out for casuals and parties.

lionel messi Kim Jong Il hairstyle

lionel messi Kim Jong Il haircut

  • The Blonde Look

His newest look for 2016 which is making men and women around the world go crazy. To try it out just bleach your hair!

lionel-messi The Blonde

lionel messi The Blonde Look

These are some of the selected ones out of the lot that Messi has tried. Try these out to get a makeover!

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