Top 10 Mohawk Hairstyles to carry a hipster or Trendy Look

Mohawk hairstyles create an impression of the several moods than men carry these days. The hairstyle ranges from a shortcut too tall spikes. The Mohawk style is a wild and tribal kind of a look that brings out the masculinity of some men that like to show. The things you need for the Mohawk haircut? Just some gel on your fingers and you’re ready to rock the punk look. These are some of the 10 Mohawk Haircuts that men can try. Something about the Mohawk hairstyle that catches the eye anytime. Let’s find out how Mohawk looks on men nowadays.

  • Shaved Sides with Topknot

In this Mohawk style, the hair is cut very short haircut mainly on the sides and are kept shorter at sides getting the hairstyle up with a V shape at the top The length of the hair also allows you to pull it up into a topknot or man bun, especially during summers! Gives you a chilled-out look!

men's Mohawk for long hair

Shaved Sides with Topknot man

Shaved Sides with Topknot haircut


  • High Fade With Up-Sweep

This can be described as a Punk cum Skater boy. A contemporary look especially for younger men! With some trimmed down facial hair, you’re ready to rock the Mohawk.

comb over Mohawk hairstyle for men

High Fade with Upsweep

  • Skin Fade With Comb-over

The edgy Mohawk is buzzing all over around younger and older men. With the undercut and the sides clean shaved, you’ll just need some styling spray to keep your hair amazing like this all day.

shaved sides hairstyle for men

fade up sweep mohawk

fade up sweep mohawk

  • Taper Fade

The taper Mohawk haircut is a blend of the comb over and taper fade mainly sported by teenagers. The style can be worn anywhere be it a party or a concert. Try this out for a new makeover for your hair and yourself.

combover men's hairstyle with fade

taper mohawk fade

  • Curls with Fade Shave

The curl with fade shave Mohawk is a very easy style to get on with if you have natural curls, mainly seen in African-American men. With the side’s fade-shaven creating a precise line across the sideburns, it gives you an edgy yet clean look.

men's short Mohawk for natural hair

taper mohawk fade

  • Swept Back Tapered Quiff

To get an adult version of the tapered look, the swept back tapered quiff is ideal. You can grow your hair on top and taper the sides down. It’s a contemporary hipster look paired with a nicely trimmed beard.

back-swept tapered haircut for men

Swept Back Tapered Quiff haircut


  • Long Hair And Undercuts

This look can be paired with tattoos and look spectacular like these men. To get the trendy Mohawk look, grow some hair, get undercuts. Trimming the sides time to time will add a contrast to the whole look.

Mohawk for long hair with undercuts

mens mohawk with box braids haircut

  • Braided Mohawk

Men with Long Locks are always a style statement. Thus the long hair paired with this Mohawk style and hip-hop braids give you a dramatic yet sophisticated look. If you’re looking for something special, here it is.

men's Mohawk with box braids

braided men mohawk

  • Geometric Pattern

The geometric pattern Mohawk funky hairstyle is rocked by football players and rock stars at the same time. It is bold and different with patterns at the back. The shaved lines at the back highlighted by the faded geometrical sections at the back are given in the picture below.

men's haircut with criss-crossed shaven lines

geometrical mohawk

geometrical at the back mohawk

  • Rainbow Colored Low Mohawk

Perfect for festival lovers, who want to stand out in the crowd? Short-styled combed back with rainbow colored spikes. Want to show your support for a soccer team? This can be a way. Dye the tips and rock the look.

multicolored short Mohawk

rainbow mohawk guy

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