Top 21 Zayn Malik Hairstyles to Try This Winter

Zayn Malik is one of those names that you would read or see a lot about because of his songs or past band engagement with One Direction, but also because of amazing Hairstyles that make the style statements. Men are it of any age group, from teenage to adults, go crazy over his different hairstyles and make it a point to follow them too. So, if you wish to look like Zayn Malik, the Style Chameleon, when it comes to his hair, here are some of the best ones to try. To get his styles, here are some of his best man hairstyles.

  • Bouffant-like

Early in his career Zayn Malik rocked this hair in a charming way enough adding a hint of adorableness to it.

zayn malik Bouffant like hairstyle

zayn malik Bouffant like haircut

  • Spiked Hairstyle

After his first movie with his prior band members, Zayn Malik rocked the look on the red carpet and had a cool and yet classy look.

zayn malik Spiked Haircut

zayn malik Spiked Hairstyle

  • Undercut

One of the most popular hairstyles right now and once for Zayn Malik! From celebrities to footballers everyone is trying this hot hairstyle!

zayn malik Undercut haircut

zayn malik Undercut hairstyle

  • Side swoop

Side swoop is the style to swoop the ladies off their feet. Being a ruler of so many hearts, Zayn Malik ruled some more with this haircut in 2014.

zayn malik Side swoop haircut

zayn malik Side swoop

  • Slicked Back Hair

The slicked back hairstyle could be considered as Zayn Malik’s best Elvis Presley impersonation. The style and wisp of hair tangled in his lashes are awfully similar to that of the legend’s iconic style. The best look for prom nights and for grown up men to attend parties and meetings.

zayn malik Slicked Back Hair

  • The Man Bun

Zayn Malik also tried his hand at the man bun! The little loop at the crown of his head might be the best top knot. Zayn, of course, makes it look like perfection. Go casual with the man bun hairstyle.

Zayn Malik The Man Bun haircut

Zayn Malik The Man Bun

  • Buzz cut

Zayn Malik attended his first solo ceremony solo and showed us this buzz cut. Gives you a military feel. Adults can even acquire a hard look at it.

Zayn Malik Buzz cut

Zayn Malik Buzz cut Hairstyle

  • Blonde Hair

If you’re brave enough to experiment like Zayn Malik, then you’ve to try the blonde look. Go on and bleach your hair to get this look. With his new hairstyle i.e. Half blonde and half black, he’s rocking with the volume bouffant.

Zayn Malik Blonde Hair haircut

Zayn Malik Blonde Hair

  • The long Locks

Zayn Malik carried the curtain style from 90’s amazingly. Dates or parties! A great look to go with. Slightly long and black hair makes it perfect.

Zayn Malik The long Locks haircut

Zayn Malik Black Natural Long Hair

Zayn Malik The long Locks

  • The Swiss Roll

As tasty as it looks, it makes the look sleek and a lot like Johnny Bravo, and Zayn Malik just nailed it. Rock it either with casuals or formals with the touch of blonde. Die your tips and make a statement!

Zayn Malik The Swiss Roll hairstyle

Zayn Malik The Swiss Roll haircut

Zayn Malik The Swiss Roll

These are some of the trending and amazing Male Hairstyles you could follow up from Zayn Malik. If you like any of this, then go ahead and try them out!

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