Top 9 Braids Hairstyles for Men to Enhance Their Look

There are lots of men who love to keep long hair; braids hairstyles will be one of the best things they can go for. From formal to a casual look, guys look cool and awesome in this look. No matter you are 18 or 80, braided styles can enhance your personality and features. Here are top 10 braids that men can try anytime, anywhere. Let’s find out how braided styles look awesome on men.

  • Braids High Ponytail

If you have colored hair and want to flaunt the hue perfectly with proper shine, this is the best hairstyle you can pick. It looks super cool and goes awesome with a rugged beard.

Braids High Ponytail man


Braids High Ponytail

  • Braid and Bun

Guys, who have medium length hair, can easily pick the style. Keep the top of the hair long so that you can make a braid and then turn it into a bun. To have an eccentric look, many guys go for an undercut at the sides and back.

Braid and Bun man

Braid and Bun

  • Zigzag Braids

If you are a man who likes to experiment, this is the hairstyle you are looking for. Are you a member of a rock band or a hip-hopper? This look will bring out the crazy side of your personality.

Zigzag Braids man

Zigzag Braids

  • Falling Cornrows braids

Are you a high- school guy? This criss-cross hairstyle looks awesome on school boys. Even moms prefer this style for their young sons. Here, your hair is braided from top to end, and those braids are left falling. Looks very cool!

Falling Cornrows braids male

Falling Cornrows braids man

Falling Cornrows braids

  • Braids Extensions

Do you have short hair but love braided hairstyle? Not to worry. You can pick braided extensions to have your desired look. Have thick extensions and highlighted with different colors to create the most happening look. With a goatee, a braided bun with the extension will draw everyone’s attention to you.

Braids Extensions man


  • Twist and Fishtail Braids

Look beautiful on men who have thick and long hair. Here, twisted braids are made, and the end is kept fallen like a fishtail. Very stylish and super unique!

Twist and Fishtail Braids male

Twist and Fishtail Braids man

Twist and Fishtail Braids

  • Braid and Top Knot

If you think buns are only for girls and women, you should have seen this style. This braid and top knot style give guys a warrior look. If you wear a vest with tattooed arm and go for this hairstyle, you will definitely look like a ninja fighter.

Braid and Top Knot man

Braid and Top Knot

  • Snood Plait Braids

This is quite designer and experimental. Men with long and thick hair can go for this style as this is simple yet fashionable and always on the trend.

Snood Plait Braids man

Snood Plait Braids

  • French Braids

If you are fond of classic style and want to express your manliness in a completely traditional way, go for French braids. Have you seen the Roman hairstyle in movies or pictures? This is exactly the same look you can have.

French Braids man

French Braids

So, these are certain braided hair for males which are always in fashion. If you want to look unique and create your own fashion statement, try any of these.

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